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Get a FREE luxury resort vacation

For TWO people up to 5 nights - in Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Melbourne or Sydney

When You Book In For a 60-Minute Design consultation!

What’s it all about? We want to make the experience of designing your dream home, something you’ll remember for a lifetime!

So, for a strictly limited time, we’re giving you the chance to take a luxury resort vacation for up to 5 nights for two people (valued up to $1,500) just for getting your home designed by Evoca Homes

You’re probably thinking “this sounds, too good to be true”

But here’s the deal: When you come for a FREE 60-minute design consultation, not only will we custom-design your dream home, exactly how you want it, but…

We’ll also give you a FREE luxury resort stay for two people in a choice of locations such as Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Melbourne or Sydney!

And there’s NO obligation to use Evoca Homes – the luxury resort stay is yours! As our way of saying thank you for taking the time to meet with us & design your new home. 

Choose From One Of These Idyllic Destinations

Stay in Luxury Hotels Such As:

Extra Bonus For Action Takers

If after your 60-minute design consultation you do decide to choose Evoca Homes to build your new home, we’ll even throw in FREE flights for two people (up to $1000) on top!

So, get your dream home, designed exactly how you imagined it &  you’ll get to take a holiday of a lifetime!

Just to be clear: Book in for a FREE 60-minute design consultation today and the Luxury resort stay up to 7 nights in Bali, Fiji, Thailand, Melbourne or Sydney is yours!

Then, if you decide you love your new plans and would like us to build your new home – we’ll also pay for your flights for two people as well!

But why would we offer this CRAZY deal? 

…what’s the catch?

Well, there is NO catch.

See, we’ve simply secured a great rate on luxury resort stays. Due to the fact we buy in bulk. So we’re happy to pass those saving directly over to you. And the best part, these luxury accommodation vouchers are valid for the next 18 months, so you’ll have plenty of time to organise your luxury getaway.

But here’s the TRUTH!

We want to make the process of building your new home, one that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come.

And we truly believe once you meet our team, you’ll quickly see that we’re genuinely the best at what we do. So much so, we’re willing to put out “money where our mouth is” to prove it!

We can’t be much fairer than that, right!?

So, with nothing to lose and a luxury resort getaway to gain, why not take us up on our offer & book today to come in for a FREE 60-minute design consultation.

Book Your 60-Minute Design Consult Today &

Get a FREE luxury resort vacation